Driving Instructor Training - East Anglia

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Free 1 hour introduction worth £30 - Call now for details

Part 1 training  £50 (admin, study material and guidance)

Part 2 and 3 Training

  • £30 £25.50 an hour (Pay as you go training)
  • £110 £93.50half a day training (4 hour)
  • £150 £127.50 Day training (6 hours)
  • Full training course £995 - was £1150

All training is given by an Ordit registered instructor and is always taught on a one to one basis.

Full training course

Once payment is made. You will be sent a DVD with everything you need for your home study to pass your part 1. You will have full support from your trainer if needed.

Once you have passed this you will get 10 hours Part 2 training. Two 5 hour days. (requests can be made for alternative methods of times)

Once you pass this you will get 40 hours Part 3 training, eight 5 hour days. (request can be made for alterative methods of times)

£150 Cash back, You will get £10 off a week for your first 15 weeks franchise

Test fees and any additional training not included

In the unlikely situation, you are not successful in 3 attempts at your part 2. You will be refunded £750,

If there are any questions that you have about training to become a driving instructor then please call, I'm always happy to have a chat and answer any questions.




Driving instructor training - block book or pay as you go